About Storm.
Storm Creative Media Agency is the brainchild of designer James Stone. James started designing at a young age and has been doing it ever since. Initially he made sites for fun, but after being approached by several people for work he decided to take it further.

In The Beginning

This story starts a few years back when James first got into website design. It all started as an after school club at secondary school where they were teaching the very basics of HTML and CSS coding. James very quickly picked up the basics and wanted to learn more so started to teach himself web coding at home. James continued to teach himself HTML and CSS until he reached a point where he was creating basic, but functional, websites. Along side this James was studying ICT at GCSE level, where he started to incorporate website design into his projects and his portfolio.

Work Experience

James loved creating websites and very quickly was given the opportunity to complete a week of work experience with a website design company, where they went over the basics of HTML and CSS coding but then started to expand on this knowledge and started to add in other elements such as JavaScript. In addition to the extra levels of coding that James was learning, they also gave him the opportunity to spend time in other departments, learning other skills such as teh importance of website SEO and good copywriting. This week of experience strengthened James's love of website design, in which James decided that he was going to continue studying ICT to a higher level to allow him to learn website design.

The first client

James's first client was Grove Green Scout Group which wanted a website to showcase the work they were doing and to allow new members to join in. This project was going to put all of James's skills and more to the test. The group had asked for a password protected section for leaders to be able to add and edit content and this was, of course, going to require additional coding which James didn't know. James took on the project and set about designing the website and teaching himself the skills required to add in the more complex sections of the site. The project was delivered successfully, and was later redesigned to give it a more professional look.

Further education

James continuied to study ICT to A-Level which he passed with one of the highest grades in his class, and of course, presented all of his projects in a website based portfolio. After leaving school, James was unsure of his next step so decided to go to college to learn more about the design element website design, and so went and studied Graphic Design at A-Level standard.

James was unsure about the course at first, but after getting used to the work and the designing he settled in well and started to develop quickly, which as a result landed him an excellent final result.

Present Day Design

James founded Storm Creative Media Agency in 2016, after toying about with other names for a few years and not seeing any clients due to school and college commitments, James came up with the name and decided to make a go of it which has put us where we are today.

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